Fidgety Fingers

Many people suffer from fidgety fingers either as a habit or as a sign of concentration or stress but now there is a toy that can help them stop drumming their fingers, biting their nails or cracking their knuckles. The toy or device that can help these people is called a fidget spinner which consists of a spinner that rotates on ball bearings making it easy to start spinning and very fast when it does. The fidget spinners can be held between two fingers, occupying those fingers instead of them having to be tapped every minute. It is claimed that the spinners can assist with concentration and so many students have started to take them to classes but this action is not meeting with the approval of all of their teachers. The teachers say that regardless of whether or not the spinners help one student’s concentration, they can distract not just that student but others in the class with its rapid spinning. This is a controversy which has yet to be settled by an educational authority and so until it has been settled, individual teachers will have to make their own decisions as to whether or not they permit the spinners to be used in their classes.

There are many different spinners available today, many of which can be seen on the website but apart from spinners there are now fidget cubes and these cubes work on the same principle as the spinners but are less of a visual distraction and so they may be the solution to classroom concentration that will placate both teachers and students. Not so much with the cubes but people are finding new tricks to do with the spinners almost every day and those tricks quickly appear on videos on YouTube. These videos help to increase the popularity of the spinners so that an even larger number of different spinners will keep appearing for sale in stores or on Amazon.

The first of these fidget spinners was only introduced in the middle of 2016 and yet they have received a great amount of popularity but that is hardly surprising as many new devices have always started off with a bang but after a couple or three years that popularity starts to dwindle until they eventually become just part of popular cult history. This is what happened to the hula hoop, the Rubik cube and others and so is probably the same fate that these spinners will face but that is not yet as they continue to gain in popularity and will do so especially if they are allowed to be used by students in classrooms. The medical profession is also looking into the use of spinners as aids to help people that have mobility disorders in their hands. If the medical research proves that the spinners can be helpful in this matter, their life as a medical assistant may last longer than their life as a novel form of entertainment and amusement.