Planning a Trip to Disneyland

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If you intend on planning a trip to Disneyland you will not be alone as although Disneyland, having opened in the 1950s, is one of the world’s first real theme parks, it still remains to this day, one of the world’s most popular theme parks. To ensure that your trip goes well it is advisable to look for Disneyland Packages online and these probably offer the most convenient and perhaps the cheapest way to fully enjoy the Disneyland experience. There are plenty of websites online that offer these packages as they are not just offered by Disneyland or Disney, they are also offered by a variety of other people. Airlines sometimes offer these packages and if they do they are often a wise choice if you intend to fly to Disneyland as they will include discounted air fares. Most of the packages though are offered by either nearby hotels which have associations with Disneyland or by the various different travel agencies. Most packages as well as having discounted prices on the entrance to the parks will also have discounted prices for one of the nearby hotels. By ordering an all-inclusive package you therefore have no problems as to where to stay or having to pay an entrance fee into the park each day, allowing you to better manage your budget once you arrive.

If when you are in Disneyland you think that the buildings look a little small, your eyes are not deceiving you as, when Disneyland was built, there was insufficient land available to build everything to the full size and so the ground floors are 9/10ths scale, second floors 7/8th scale and third floors 5/8ths and this only gives the perception that the buildings are full size. It is rare that you will see any maintenance staff moving from one ride to another as when the parks were built, tunnels beneath them were also constructed so that staff could easily and quickly move from location to another without disrupting the visitors. What you may see though is the odd stray cat as they are purposely encouraged to stay in the park to prohibit populations of mice and rats from taking refuge in the parks. Walt Disney was so intent on ensuring that the park would be a success that he and his family had an apartment built inside the park and that apartment still remains today where it was then, on the second floor of the firehouse. Today in the center window of the apartment you will always see a lighted candle to show recognition of Walt’s permanent presence in the park but before his death, this candle would only be lit if he was actually present in the apartment so that would be aware that he was there. Although other Disney Parks have now been built around the world, it is perhaps Disneyland that as the original, is considered to be the best and continuous updates to the parks helps maintain that belief.